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The ultimate one month road trip itinerary to The Yukon and Alaska

In August 2022, I began driving from The Yukon into Alaska. I documented just about the entire month and you can find the mini vlog series on my Instagram.


I am working towards recapping my itinerary and the adventures I had on the blog. This page here will become the master blog post leading to each section. Of course, there is a wealth of information on the internet already, so I have focused on details from my personal experience and directing you to my favourite resources. I hope you will find this helpful in dreaming up a trip of your own!

WEEK ONE: The Golden Circle Road Trip

DAY 1    Arrived to Whitehorse, YT and hiked the Millennium Trail

DAY 2    Drove to Skagway, AK with many road trip stops on the way!

DAY 3    Took the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry to Haines, AK

DAY 4    Hiked Mount Rapinsky Trail in Haines, AK

DAY 5    Hiked King’s Throne Peak in Kluane National Park, YT

DAY 6    Drove to Whitehorse and hiked Miles Canyon

DAY 7    Spent the day in Whitehorse and paddled Chadburn Lake

WEEK TWO: Drive to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska

DAY 8    Started driving to Alaska

DAY 9    Drove to a Yarger Lake in Alaska

DAY 10  Spent a day at the Yarger Lake campground

DAY 11  Continued driving to Anchorage

DAY 12  Continued driving to Seward, AK

DAY 13  Explored the town of Seward

DAY 14  Hike Tonsina Point trail in Seward

WEEK THREE: Explore the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska

DAY 15  Drove to Homer and explored the Homer Spit

DAY 16  Hiked to Grewingk Glacier Lake in Kachemak Bay State Park

DAY 17  Camped outside of Homer

DAY 18  Drove back to Seward

DAY 19  Paddled through icebergs in Bear Glacier Lagoon

DAY 20  Hiked Crows Pass Trail to Raven Glacier in Girdwood

DAY 21  Drove to Talkeetna

WEEK FOUR: Denali National Park and back to The Yukon

DAY 22  Explored Denali National Park on Transit tour bus

DAY 23  Day hiked in Denali National Park (Savage Alpine Trail)

DAY 24  Drove and camped along the scenic Denali Highway (HWY 8)

DAY 25  Drove the Top of the World Highway to Dawson City, Yukon

DAY 26  Hiked in Tombstone Territorial Park (Grizzly Lake)

DAY 27  Drove to Whitehorse

DAY 28  Started driving back to Alberta (Signpost Forest, Hot Springs, Camp + Paddle)

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