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girl stands on mountain on sunshine coast trail

Hey, I'm Megan!

This past summer I lived out of my self-built SUV camper. I built this website on my third night parked on the side of a Forest Service Road somewhere near Crowsnest, Alberta with plans to drive across the British Columbia border in the morning.

The next four months would be spent exploring Canada's west coast, the Yukon and Alaska as a solo female traveler. 

I celebrated my 12th birthday in Egypt on my first ever international trip. So I guess that's when I was first bit by the 'travel bug.' My love for travel and adventure has grown over the years ranging from solo backcountry thru-hikes to hopping on planes around Southeast Asia. Now at 26, I've travelled to 17 countries. 

Most of all, I have a passion for intentional living and self-growth. Through six years of avid journaling, a side of therapy and countless self-assigned challenges - I am starting to feel pretty well-rounded. 

I am a hiker, a reader, an adventurer, a mental health advocate, a dream chaser, an overthinker, a creator, a big-time money saver, and I require many snacks to be all of these things. 

I'd love to hear from you if you have any thoughts to share or simply want to follow along for the adventure! 

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