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Megan Clarke tiling her rental property fixer upper.
Megan Clarke bartending in her early 20s to save money for travel.
Megan Clarke solo hiking Santa Catalina Trail
Megan Clarke road trip across Canada with Toyota Corolla
Megan Clarke's DIY SUV Camper Conversion in a GMC Yukon

At 17 years old, all I wanted to do was move to the big city. I enrolled into a business management program at a school right in the middle of downtown Toronto. By the time I graduated, my perception of the hustle and bustle lifestyle had completely changed.


Four years in the concrete jungle had taught me I like backyards, driving with less traffic and that I wanted to do much more before climbing any corporate ladders.


I moved back to my hometown and picked up two jobs - bartending and an Insurance Claims Specialist position. I saved enough money to invest in my second fixer-upper by 21 years old. I transformed that little house into a cozy rental unit. Somewhere along the way, I learned about "Thru-Hiking."

Thru-Hiking; the act of hiking an established long-distance trail end-to-end continuously. 

Within a couple months, I had flights booked to California and a ferry ticket to get myself to the Santa Catalina Trail. Seven days spent hiking on an island became my first ever solo trip. 

And so, the mountains were calling. It wasn't until two years later that I packed everything up and moved to Western Canada. On the 38 hour drive across the country, I met a fellow hiker who told me about travelling in The Yukon. I'd never thought about venturing so far north, but already - I knew that had to be my next big adventure.

Where is she


The answer to this question in a physical sense is constantly changing. 

Now, I am a travelling content creator and storyteller. Documenting what I saw exactly how I saw it. Sharing my insight into the world on the chance that it might connect with the human on the other side of the screen. Demonstrating what is possible to hopefully inspire the curious and yearning for more 20-year-old girl I once was.

I see no limit as to what can be accomplished when you set your mind to it. I will forever be challenging the boundaries of my comfort zone, learning new skills, and showing up for my dreams.

These days, that looks like converting a 2024 Ford Transit into an adventure rig that doubles as a 'mini tour bus.' 

My number one


Introducing my fiancé, Ryan Lindsay.

Once a backcountry guide taking groups to the Northwest Territories, turned singer songwriter that is also certified as a Red Seal Journeyman electrician. It is no wonder I thought he was a cool guy!

We love dreaming big together and collaborating on projects. I manage his social media pages or sell merch at his shows and he wires in a new kitchen at my rental property or sets me up with an off-grid electrical system. Sweet deal, eh?

Our careers and interests keep us on the move, which is why we decided to invest in building a home on wheels. Taking it a step further, we thought:


Why not design it to also function as a tour bus fit to take a full band on the road?

What's Next?

Become a Better Filmmaker and Storyteller

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