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Work with Megan

Alberta, Canada

From outdoorsy folks, RV-enthusiasts to DIYrs, Megan's audience looks to her content to be inspired and get ideas for their own adventures. Her goal is to share not only the view at the end of a journey, but to tell the story of what it took to get there. Maybe that’s where your brand comes in!

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Past Partnerships

Sea to Summit Partnership Thumbnail - Paddleboard Camping Setup







Sea To Summit

Tasked with showing how Sea to Summit gear helps me be more prepared while adventuring outdoors, I challenged myself with a paddleboard camping trip. 

The Instagram Reel reached over 149,000 accounts and had nearly 7,000 interactions. Here are a few reasons why I think it performed:

🙋‍♀️ The video begins with a smiling face at a socially appropriate distance. (Imagine I had my face filling the screen - *swipe*).


🗣️ I speak aloud to the camera before switching to a voiceover. My theory is that this grabs the viewer's attention better in those first few seconds. Any thoughts on why this seems to work?


🪝 Right away the hook tells you what the video is about and presents a unique idea. Camping with a paddleboard? First time!?


🎞️ Edited to be visually engaging with changing angles, jump cuts, and text on screen. No dilly dallying here.


🔖 Over 600 saves! The caption provides detailed information about the packing setup. This makes it a great resource that viewers will want to come back to.


AeroPress Coffee Maker

Already a big fan of my Original AeroPress, I was excited to help the team spread the word about their even more portable AeroPress Go. I produced a mini-vlog style Reel, a format my audience loves, sharing a solo hiking adventure and picnic. The voiceover script weaved my favourite things about the coffee maker into my need to have a slow and grounding afternoon in nature.

AeroPress Partnership - Crowsnest Pass
AeroPress Partnership - AeroPress Go
AeroPress Partnership - AeroPress Go






Campbell River Whale Watching Reel Thumbnail


Campbell River Whale Watching

While visiting Vancouver Island, I had the opportunity to take a whale watching excursion with Campbell River Whale Watching. Not only is the area toured incredibly scenic, the company also takes great care to respect the resident wildlife. They follow strict ethical guidelines - an important message that the team wanted noted in the recap of my day on the water.






Campbell River Whale Watching Guide
Campbell River Whale Watching Boat Guide
Campbell River Whale Watching Floating Office
Campbell River Whale Watching Excursion

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