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The Guide to Designing an SUV Camper

(That I Wish I Had)

Megan Clarke's SUV Camper Conversion in a GMC Yukon
The Guide to Designing an SUV Camper
Megan Clarke

Hey, I'm Megan!

The adventurer behind your screen. By sharing my solo travel stories and SUV camping experiences, I hope to encourage and help you to build your own adventurous life.​

The guide provides guidance for designing your SUV camper, shows how I built one in a GMC Yukon and shares lessons learned from the inexperienced builder.

Already have the guide?

Awesome! This page is for you to find additional resources, links, and products mentioned in the e-book. This is also where I will post updates if anything comes up.

If you have any questions about the guide or feel something is missing, please send me an email or use the contact form below so I can help you out! I would also love to hear from you if the guide has helped you in your own camper conversion journey or you have cool SUV camper photos to share.

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Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means I will earn a small commission on any purchases you make during your browsing session (at no added cost you)!

Here are some fellow creators that I found super valuable while brainstorming ideas for the camper:

Marie Kondo is a tidying expert - her methods and philosophy were very helpful as I decluttered to prepare for tiny living!

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