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First night in the SUV camper
-a journal entry

Journalling has been a longtime favourite activity of mine to collect my thoughts mentally and physically. I love flipping through pages of words I wrote months or years ago for some insight into who I was then or what a new experience felt like at the time. Of course, I scribbled down the details of my first night camping in the SUV. Here is what I wrote!

May 25 10:48PM

It’s windy, I hear a coyote - I think. I have barely one bar of service so my window cover is off to hopefully help the little phone waves get through. But I feel seen -maybe my one neighbour can see me journaling in here.

I’ve never even slept in a car before. Just plenty of tent camping. Will I be hot or cold? Right now my feet feel incredibly toasty and I’m thankful for my much too big for this tiny space duvet.

This fear I’m feeling is familiar. It’s the same fear I felt on my first night on the Santa Catalina Trail. My first solo thru-hike. My first ever solo trip. What is with these crazy ideas I have?

Anyway - the point is… I love camping and I love hiking and I love doing both of those things solo. Those first night jitters went away and were replaced with a love for the experience. So I have to assume the same will happen with this.

So I am excited to wake up tomorrow with a new found sense of security and confidence.

I am sure it will waver from time to time. And I worry a little that the constant alertness I must maintain will wear on me. But I’ve very quickly come to understand the safety protocols people take on the road.

I’d feel a little better if I had service inside my vehicle, but I am surrounded by three ways to get back on the highway and I’m facing the official exit. I have a neighbour and can see a nice home down the river. I know there are a couple of farms up the road and a provincial campground nearby. So… I guess that’s all. Wish me luck. I am thankful to have my loved ones tonight to keep me ‘text-company’ so I’ll open my door one last time to get that sweet, sweet cell service. :)


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